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Benefits Of Company Incorporation

Company incorporation in Bangalore is a tough task. Many competitors are waiting in the long way. Choosing the right way of business is the only solution for the avoiding the prominent position in the market. Apart from that, solid way of document submission is legally protecting the decay of the company. Company incorporation is always the recommending process for the legal security of the company. Be the first to complete the completion of the registration proceedings. Let’s know the general benefits of the company incorporation proceedings.

Limited liability:

Limited liability is the most preferable option in the company incorporation process. Members of the company only allow to enjoying the facility of the limited liability. Their contribution only determines the liability of each member in the company. It is the valuable option for the initiation of the new start-up company in India.

Perpetual Succession:

An incorporated company offers the major benefit of the perpetual succession. Perpetual succession is nothing but the change of the company members will not be a trouble to the existence of the company. Privileges and possession of the company will not changeable one. Death and insolvencies are easily bearing options.

Share transfer:

Shares, stocks and other assets of the company is easily transferrable one. These details are keenly mentioning one under the articles of the company. Buy and selling are not a complex process in the company incorporation process. Business markets and other members can sell the shares with themselves and public are applicable one.

Sue and to be sued:

As per the consideration law, all are equal. Only incorporation will not secure for the misdeed of the company. It is the unfavourable thing that the company can be sue and sued by any company. This process will not affect the directors and other authoritative people in the company. It held only in company name.

Flexibility of the company:

Independence is the preferable option offering for the companies functioning in India. Companies in India is allow and follow their own forms of norms and rules. They can process the company policies and norms without any obstacle. All these objectives of the companies need to mention under the MOA and AOA is the major quality of the incorporation.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will take to incorporate a company in India?

Relevant document submission will easily speed up the company incorporation procedure. Maximum 10 days is the prescribed time allotting for the company incorporation procedure.

1. Name Clause 2. Registered Office Clause 3. Objects Clause 4. Liability Clause 5. Capital Clause

Incorporation of a new company can apply the DIN number through this SPICE form. PAN or Passport details are required one for this completion of the process.

What are the qualities required for the director?

The director needs to be complete with the age limit of 18 years. Apart from that the NRIs and residential Indians can be the director of any company.

After the proper company incorporation process, the regulation of the annual compliance, activities of the company, Tax filing all are need to intimate to the government without any delay.

Documents Required

  • The name, address, and nationality of the applicant.
  • To signify that all goods or services bearing the trademark come from a single source.
  • For a company, the country and the state of incorporation need to be mentioned.
  • A list should be provided for the goods and services that are to be registered.
  • A soft copy of the trademark should be produced.
  • If the mark has non-English words, that all need to be translated in English.
  • Priority claim based on the Date of the application, country of the application & application number.
  • Date of the trademark been used.
  • Power of Attorney which is simply signed by the Applicant.