company incorporation bangalore

What are the documents required for company incorporation in Bangalore?

Company incorporation Bangalore appears when a group of people meets up with a perspective on shaping a relationship to misuse the business opportunities by uniting HR, financial assets and administrative assets.

Company is a separate and distinct legal entity, which allows a group of people, as partners, to apply to the public authority for an autonomous association to be made, which would then be able to zero in on seeking after set targets, and vested with lawful rights, for example, to sue and be sued in its own name, own property, recruit representatives or credit and get cash.

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company incorporation bangalore

Lawful purposes

  • At least seven people, for the company incorporation in Bangalore;
  • At least two people, where the organization to be framed is to be a privately owned business; or
  • One individual, where the organization to be shaped is to be One Person Company, in other words, a privately owned business.

Documents required for company incorporation

From company incorporation in Bangalore following documents are needed. They are:

Documents from Shareholders and the Directors

  1. Identity proof like PAN, Aadhaar card/ passport/Driving license
  2. Address proof like Telephone bill/Electricity bill/ bank statement not older than 2 months.
  3. Passport size photographs – 3 each

Documents signed by the Directors

  1. Consent to Act as the Director. (Form Dir 2)
  2. Company incorporation in Bangalore needs details and the declaration of DIN
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Documents to be signed by the shareholder

  1. Application for DSC
  2. Declaration provided by the Director and the Subscriber. INC-9

Registered office address

  1. NOC from the owner
  2. Address proof like Telephone bill/Gas bill/Water bill or
  3. Copy of sale deed.

Reserve company name

The initial step of the company incorporation in Bangalore measure is holding the name of your organization with the MCA. This should be possible by signing in to the MCA portal and utilize the SPICe+ Part A structure.

Obtain the DSC

As indicated by organization registration rules, all directors and members from the organization need to have a Digital Signature Certificate (DSC). DSC is essential for the company incorporation in Bangalore ,Indiranagar. This permits them to online sign any archives for the organization. There are different approved sellers offering DSCs. Guarantee that you complete this progression prior to consolidating the organization. From January 01, 2020, a Class 3 DSC has been made required.

Obtain DIN

As per Section 153 and 154 of the Company Act, 2013, a Director Identification Number (DIN) is required for all current, new, and proposed heads of an organization. It is an eight-digit one of a kind number that assists the MCA with keeping a focal archive of chiefs across all organizations.

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Organize the information

The company registration form requires certain data about the business, chiefs, and investors. Aside from the fundamental data, here are some extra subtleties that you can examine to make the cycle consistent:

  • Instructive capabilities and control of the directors and shareholders
  • Identity of the chiefs and investors
  • Place of birth of the directors and shareholders
  • Telephone number and email ID of the chiefs and investors
  • The term of stay at the current location of every chief and investor
  • A concise note on the proposed business action of the organization (2-3 lines)
  • The proposed capital appropriation
  • Share capital division among the proprietors

Apply on MCA Website

From February 2020, the MCA has acquainted structure SPICe+ with assistance fuse an organization effortlessly. This structure is accessible in two sections – Part An and Part B:

Section A – To hold the name of another organization

Part B – for an assortment of administrations like:

Company incorporation

The issue of PAN and TAN

Allotment of the Director Identification Number (DIN)

The enlistment with EPFO (Employees’ Provident Fund Organization) and ESIC (Employees’ State Insurance Corporation)

The opening of a bank account for the sake of the organization

Enlistment for Profession Tax

Allotment of GSTIN (whenever applied for)

You can submit the two sections together or save the name of the organization first by submitting Part A of the SPICe+ structure and Part B later. You additionally need to submit Form INC-3 itemizing the assent of the chosen one, statement in Form INC-14 and Form INC-15.

When your application is endorsed, you will have the Certificate of Incorporation of your organization.

Advantages of company incorporation

When company incorporation is done it gives you many advantages. Some are stated below.

Transferability of shares

Shares are considered at standard with a portable property and henceforth adaptable effectively starting with one individual then onto the next. This viewpoint gives liquidity to the investors. Individuals are in a situation to encash the offers whenever as they will. In a public restricted organization, the offers can be moved unreservedly. While, in a private limited company, the offer exchange isn’t incessant because of it being intently held, yet isn’t denied.

Limited liability

In spite of the fact that there exists the separate legal entity idea, it doesn’t exonerate the proprietors from liability totally. For example, the proprietor may have approved an exchange for the organization by marking in his own name, or ensures a credit in his name or submits extortion. In such cases, he will be by and by liable


A typical misinterpretation that lies in the personalities of individuals is that if the business is set up in some other structure like a Partnership or LLP, it will diminish the tax liability. This isn’t the case since whether it is a Partnership or an organization, they are totally charged at the pace of 30%. Truth be told, for specific organizations having turnover under an endorsed limit need to pay annual expense at a lower rate.

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