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What are the Different types of business structures in India?

Pvt Ltd Registration In Bangalore In India we have fundamentally three kinds of business structures to be specific Sole ownership, Partnership firms and Company (pvt or public), anyway another crossover type of organization firm and friends known as Limited responsibility (LLP) arose a couple of years prior. Each design has its own advantages and disadvantages and it relies on the individual conditions of every entrepreneur with regards to which construction will best suit his business. These incorporate the degree of individual responsibility you will take for business obligations, your own assessment position, the degree of organization you need to do and how you need your business to be seen.

Types of business structures

You have consistently had an extraordinary field-tested strategy and, today, you likewise have the essential assets to satisfy your fantasy about setting it up. However, purposely or unconsciously, there will consistently be minor or significant obstacles in your manner. In the event that you are guarantee about your lawful commitments or require investigation into your element type alternatives, let us attempt to answer your inquiries and furnish you with the data you need here.

Incorporation in Bangalore | Pvt Ltd Registration In Bangalore

The following are the types of business structures in India

Pvt Ltd Registration in Bangalore gives the types of business structures and does the registrations for such types. They are:

Sole proprietorship

Partnership firm

Private limited company

Public limited company

Limited Liability partnership

Sole proprietorship

Pvt Ltd Registration in Bangalore does registration for sole proprietorship. This is the most seasoned and most basic type of business. It is a small time association here a solitary individual possesses, oversees and controls the entire business. The responsibility of the proprietor is limitless. A Sole Proprietorship business is appropriate where the market is limited, confined and where clients offer significance to individual consideration. This type of association is reasonable where the idea of business is basic and requires speedy choices. This sort of association is appropriate where the capital required is restricted and the danger inclusion isn’t extraordinary.

Key features

Pvt Ltd Registration in Bangalore gives the features of sole proprietorship.

  • Proprietorship by a one single person who has a legitimate title to the resources and properties of the business. 

• The whole benefit goes to the sole owner. Likewise, he additionally bears the whole danger or misfortunes of the firm. 

• The proprietor of the business is the sole supervisor of the business. 

• The whole capital of the business is given by the proprietor. He may raise more assets from outside through borrowings 

• The owner and the business undertaking are very much the same according to the law.

Partnership firm

A partnership is characterized as a connection between at least two people who have consented to share the benefits of a business carried on by them or any of them representing all. The proprietors of an association business are separately referred to as accomplices and all in all as a firm. In an organization firm, people from various different backgrounds, with capacity, administrative ability and expertise, join to shape a business. This expands the managerial strength of the association, the monetary assets, the ability and skill, while lessening hazard. Such firms are generally reasonable for similarly private ventures like retail and discount exchange, proficient administrations, medium-sized trade houses and little assembling units. By and large, it is seen that numerous associations are at first begun as organization firms and, later, when it is monetarily feasible and monetarily appealing for the financial backers, it is changed over into an organization.

Pvt Ltd Registration in Bangalore gives the critical highlights of a Partnership Firm are: 

• At least two people are needed to begin a partnership business. The greatest number of accomplices is 10, in the instance of a financial business and 20 in some other case. 

• The connection between the accomplices of an association firm is made by contract which might be verbal, composed or inferred also, it is known as the “Partnership Deed”. 

• The accomplices can share benefits in any proportion as concurred. 

• The accomplices have limitless responsibility.

Private limited company

Private limited company registration is done through Pvt Ltd Registration in Bangalore,  Indiranagar. A privately owned business is an organization which has the accompanying fixings: 

• The Shareholders’ right to move shares is limited. 

• The quantity of shareholders is restricted to fifty. 

• A solicitation to general society to buy in to any offers or debentures is denied.

Public limited company

A Public Limited Company is a company limited by shares in which there is no limitation on the greatest number of shareholders, move of offers and acknowledgment of public stores. The risk of every shareholder is restricted to the degree of the neglected measure of the presumptive worth of the offers and the premium consequently, in regard of the offers held by him. In any case, the risk of a Director/Manager of such an organization can, now and again, be limitless. The base number of shareholder is 7. It’s registration is through Pvt Ltd Registration in Bangalore, Jayanagar.

Limited liability partnership

The public authority has passed the LLP Act, 2008 in January, 2009. This Act proposes LLP as another corporate type of business to give an option in contrast to the customary association business, with limitless individual obligation from one perspective, and the resolution based administration design of the restricted responsibility organization. On the other, so organizations can put together themselves and work in an adaptable, inventive and proficient way.

There is no arrangement for standard gathering of Board and individuals for LLPs. Accomplices can chose when and how to meet settle on assignment of forces and so forth In any case, arrangement exists that LLP ought to keep up minute book. Be that as it may, Quarterly Board of Directors meeting and yearly shareholding meeting is compulsory for a restricted organization. On the off chance that you need to bring down your obligation with respect to desk work and regulatory exercises, decide on a LLP business structure. 

Likewise Companies are obligatory needed to get their records inspected yearly though for LLPs just those having turnover more than Rs.40Lacs or Rs.25Lacs commitment in any monetary year are needed to get their records examined yearly according to the LLP Act.


Choice about picking a business structure is specialized and complex, however it can have broad ramifications for your business. The objectives of the business assume a significant part in the dynamic in any case, recognizing the most ideal decision includes adjusting a scope of elements like nature and targets of the business, level of control wanted by the proprietor, measure of capital required and wellsprings of financing, liabilities to be borne, charge suggestions and so forth.

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