How do I register a Company in Bangalore?

Let us discuss the Company incorporation process in Bangalore. The Government of India has made the process of merging the company in India simple and user friendly. Now, Company Registration India requires a minimum number of documents. Notarization and notarization are not required, so stamp paper is not required except for Section 8 Company or other special type companies. One must sign and submit INC-9 and DIR-2 and submit your KYC to your CA. While different types of companies require different types of documentation to start a company and complete the company incorporation process, we have given below the basic documents required to register a private limited company in India. It is valid for all states across India. No additional documentation is required except as stated below. For example, many clients ask us if a “lease agreement” is required for a company merger – well, not a lease agreement.

Procedure steps for Company incorporation in Bangalore

1. Select the company name

To find out the availability of the proposed name, enter it in the online company name-checking tool. This system compares any name you enter against the index of company names in the House of Companies. The results are instantaneous, so you will immediately find out if the name is available or if you need to make adjustments. The person will get the alert if the name requires supporting documentation for the use of any ‘sensitive’ words or expressions.

2. Select the company formation package:

There are many forms of companies like LLP, private limited company, public limited company, One Person Company, so you have to select the right form of company to register in it.

3. Add Company Address Services:

Company registration in Bangalore states that all limited companies must provide registered office details. Each Director, Subscriber, Company Secretary and Person with Significant Control (PSC) must also provide a service address.

1st Structures provides London registered office service as well as service address and business address services to companies registered in England and Wales.

4. Complete the online application form:

Completing our online application form is easy, it only takes a few minutes. You must provide the following information:

  • Company name
  • Registered office address
  • Description of Major Business Operations
  • Director Details (Must be at least one, at least 16 years old)
  • Shareholder or guarantor details (at least one)
  • Secretary Details (Optional)
  • Information about people who have significant control
  • Memorandum and Articles of Association
  • Capital statement (which describes the share capital of a company limited by shares)
  • Supporting Documentation (required if your company name contains any sensitive words or expressions or equivalent to another company name)

5. Submit your online application to the Companies House:

Company incorporation in Bangalore in an Easy way | Solubilis

Company registration in Bangalore checks the company set up application You will be notified by email as soon as your company registration is approved. Your certification email will include digital copies of the share certification (if applicable), the merged certificate and the memorandum and articles of association. You can download and print these documents at any time.

If there are paper merger documents in your company set up package, we will post them to you within 24-48 hours.

Benefits of Company incorporation in Bangalore

Company incorporation in Bangalore in an Easy way | Solubilis

Importance of Company Registration

There are many reasons why you should register your start up as a company. From giving your start up an edge in the marketplace to ensuring its legal protection and limiting your liability from reducing your tax burden, company registration is a step in the start-up world that provides all these things to your company. As mentioned earlier, registering a company as a company is a very simple, easy and affordable process. Today many well-known companies in the country are registered. Company registration is the step of removing most personal burdens from the founders.

Benefits of registering a company

 Company registration in Bangalore states that there are many benefits to using a company registration. Apart from giving legal recognition and legal right to your start-up, it has many other benefits. Let us know them. The main benefits of company registration for your start-up are:

Protection of limited liability

Limited liability is one of the great benefits of Company registration in Bangalore. As a sole proprietor or trader, you are solely responsible for all aspects of your business, including debts and losses. One can preserve the personal assets after registering the company. Incidents such as failure of business or other traders putting sole traders and partnerships in trouble. Company directors and owners are left alone when it comes to issues such as business failure.

Recognition as a legal entity

Company registration gives your start up legal status or recognition within a specific jurisdiction. It separates the company’s presence from the directors and company members. Clearly registering your company will help your company grow its market and expand its business, as legally recognized companies are becoming more and more important in the corporate world.

Easy loan and business bank account

Company incorporation in Bangalore in an Easy way | Solubilis

Company registration states that another important feature of company registration is that it helps the company to establish a business bank account and get easy loan from banks. A business bank account is one of the most important assets of a company that can be displayed by showing valid proof that your business is registered. One of the advantages of company registration is that you can easily get a loan from lenders and investors as you are a registered company.

Less tax liability

Company registration states that tax rates on an individual are higher than tax rates on companies and small business units. As a sole trader, the person is in the same tax lab as well as an individual. Companies and small business units are subject to tax deductions for advertising, repairs, maintenance, research and education. Your initial registration with a company will reduce your tax burden.

Establishing a reputation

Company registered through Company registration in Bangalore is always considered a well-known company. Company registration is a process that allows you to determine reputation among its customers and shareholders. Customers and clients are clearly the most important asset of a company, so you need to register your start up as a company.

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